I now send a payment request via text at the end of every week to all customers with outstanding payments. This is the best feature in Swoofee for me. I no longer have to spend my evenings driving back to customers to collect payments. Sunny Wieler Dry Stone Wall
Prior to using Swoofee I had to ring back to the office just to take credit and debit card payments when out on-site with a customer. This was expensive, time-consuming and inconvenient as I couldn’t take card payments out of hours. Leona Ryan Taxbacknow.ie
Declan Twomey

It's just so simple. Senator fitters and sales staff carry a Swoofee card so they can take on the spot payments. Using Swoofee has increased cash flow and reduced debtors by over 90 %. What more can I say?

Declan Twomey Senator Windows
Asking the customer to scan the QR code on the Swoofee card on-site makes it to simple for me to take deposits after giving a quote. It's problem-free as there is no messing with unreliable card readers. Dave Murphy Senator Windows