Swoofee Go!

Swoofee Go is the slimmest card machine in the world.

You don’t need to carry around outdated, bulky, glitchy card machines or readers, all you need is Swoofee Go in your wallet.

Your customer can scan the unique QR code on Swoofee Go with their smartphone, enter their credit or debit card details and click pay.

Ah, clever! No driving back to this job to collect payment.

Virtual Terminal

Your customer isn’t present and want to take a payment? No problem!

Swoofee has a built in virtual terminal, meaning you can take payments over the phone.

There is no need to rent expensive card terminals and dedicated ISDN lines to run them—With Swoofee, your smartphone, tablet or computer becomes the terminal!

Payment request

Your customer isn’t on site when you finish the job? No problem!

Create a Swoofee payment request link and send it to your customer via SMS, whatsapp or email.

Your customer clicks on the link and pays by entering their card details, or with Apple and Google Pay.

Smart thinking! No going out in the rain this evening to call back to that customer.

Your Swoofee URL

We think that this is super cool:

Swoofee uses your business name combined with swoofee.com to create a unique payment URL for you. If a customer types this url they will be directed to your payment page where they can make a credit/debit card payment.

For example: businessname.swoofee.com

Just so simple!

Client balances

Having trouble keeping track of outstanding payments? No problem!

Another awesome feature in Swoofee allows you set up client outstanding balances.

When your client scans your QR code they will be asked for their PIN (supplied by you) and their outstanding balance will be displayed. They can then enter their card details and pay.

It couldn’t be easier!

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