Eat-In: Order with a QR code.

Let your customer order and pay from their smartphone.

To celebrate a successful project we met in the bar next to the office. We grabbed our usual table and I scanned the QR code. The bar food and drinks menu pop up, I scroll through the menu and we decide on some finger food and drinks.

I place the order and enter table 4, check out and pay with apple pay. A receipt instantly pops up on my phone confirming my order.

Meanwhile, behind the counter on an iPad my order comes through, it is prepared by kitchen staff and moved to the closed order list. Moments later our order arrives at my table with a smile!


Click and Collect, with Your Swoofee URL.

Swoofee uses your business name combined with to create a unique ordering and payment URL for you. If a customer types this url they will be directed to your menu where they can make an order and pay by credit/debit card.

My friend and I decided to meet in the park today. On the way, while sitting on the bus I typed the URL of the cafe close to the bus stop. The menu opened and I ordered and paid for two lattes.

Five minutes later I met with my friend and we popped into the cafe to collect our coffees which are ready for us.

Just so simple!

Delivery Option- with your Swoofee URL

When you create a Swoofee Food account, it allows you to offer eat-in, takeaway and delivery options, you have full control.

Friday night is Pizza night so I saw on Social media the local pizzeria had some special deals, they included their Swoofee food URL in their post. (

I typed the url in my smartphone and browsed the pizza menu and ordered the usual Friday night treats, entered my delivery address, and paid. Twenty minutes my pizza was at the door.

Smart thinking! No going out in the rain this evening.

Get your business mobile - QR Code

Working at the festival was easy this year. Swoofee not only looked after the food ordering, it also handled card payments for me. I created my account, set up my menu, and printed out the QR code and made it visible for customers.

Customers scanned the QR code with their smartphones ordered and paid. Of course, if they had wanted they could also have typed my url.

All I needed was my tablet and I could see the orders come in. Once I had them complete customers would come and pick them up.

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