Who is Swoofee for?

Swoofee offers innovative solutions for a number of sectors.
Your customers can place orders and pay you securely, simply by scanning your unique Swoofee QR code.


Get paid sooner

Track outstanding payments

No investment in hardware

Sales & Services

Get paid on site

No hardware required

Low cost payment solution

Professional Services

Improve cash flow

Place the QR code on your invoice

Cost-effective system


Handles orders & payments

No app needed for customers

They go direct to your menu

What is Swoofee?

Whether you own a business, provide a professional service or work a trade, Swoofee lets you take orders from your customers, and receive payment on the spot.

Handle orders and payments effortlessly without the need for a card machine.

Swoofee generates an individualized QR code for your business or trade.

Your customers simply scan your QR code with their smartphone - no app needed.

Customers can then easily make a payment or place an order in a jiffy.

Track received and outstanding payments via the Swoofee dashboard.

Easy to manage and easy to use, Swoofee makes taking orders and payments a breeze.

What is Swoofee?
A completely hassle-free way to receive payments
– Declan Twomey, Senator Windows

How It Works

With your Swoofee Smartcard handy, a customer can scan your Swoofee QR code the moment your work is done to pay you securely and on the spot.


Add your Swoofee QR code to your takeaway’s flyers. Customers scan the code to place orders and pay for their food. They can even save a link on their phone for speedy future orders - no app needed.


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