Swoofee assumes that you want to collect money in your school without having to invest in expensive software.

  • You don’t want to increase the administration burden by maintaining additional software.
  • You don’t want to spend time getting parents to set up accounts, managing logins and passwords.
  • You don’t want to pay monthly fees, or a per-student flat rate for such software.

Swoofee has removed all of those blockers by simplifying the payment process, and cutting out any hidden costs.

This is how Swoofee does it in these easy steps.

  • Place a QR code on every students homework journal.
  • A parent can then scan the QR code with their smartphone.
  • A payment page is launched where the parent enters the student’s name, class, and amount.
  • Click pay, and that’s it!

Did you notice that the parent didn’t need an account?

There was no login or password required; The parent didn’t need to download an app; The school didn’t need to set up student details, assign categories, or set out payment amounts.

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Sports Clubs & Organisations

Collect subscriptions via text, or send a group WhatsApp message with the Swoofee link attached. Members can click on the link and pay their subscription via credit or debit card.

Alternatively, scanning the Swoofee QR code with a smartphone, members can enter a payment amount, their credit or debit card details and simply click pay.

They can even pay using Apple or Google Pay, using NFC on their handset.


With Swoofee, taking credit and debit card donations has never been easier. You can place your unique charity Swoofee QR code on posters, leaflets, or even on volunteer uniforms!

Donations can be made securely anywhere, anytime, with nothing more complicated than a smartphone. There is no need for volunteers to carry around card machines, making them much more mobile.

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