Concentrate on your business not getting paid

With Swoofee direct payment solutions you can be guaranteed to always be paid on time. No matter if your home services business is large or small, Swoofee offers a payment solution that is right for your business. Spend more time focused on building your business and client base, and less time worrying about payments. Swoofee offers a simple and stunning way to offer easy payments to your clients on the go.

Swoofee Go!

You don’t need to carry around outdated, bulky, glitchy card machines or readers, all you need is Swoofee Go in your wallet.

Show your customer your Swoofee Go card.

Your customers can scan the unique QR code on Swoofee Go with their smartphone, enter their credit or debit card details and click pay.

Once they have paid they will be instantly presented with a receipt on their phone.

Spend a lot of your time driving back to customers to collect payment?

No Problem. Move on to the next job.

Create A Payment Request:

Create A Payment Request allows you to send a Swoofee payment link to your customer via text, WhatsApp or email.

Customers pay by clicking the link and entering their card data into the secure payment page. Quick, convenient payments for customers.

There is no hardware required. You can signup online. There are no waiting periods.

Transaction fee only, no contracts, sign up fees or monthly fees.

Concentrate on your business not getting paid

There is a lot more

Sign up takes about 5 minutes. There are no card readers or terminals required so you can start taking payments once you have signed up. There are no monthly fees, sign up fees or contract periods. No technical knowledge required. We charge only per transaction. (see our pricing page) Taking Payments is as simple as ABC.