Let Swoofee look after getting paid

We know that you can be pulled in every direction when running your own business. That is why Swoofee has a wide range of payment solutions.

QR Code Payment option:

If you don’t have time to take payment individually from each customer then the QR Code payment option is the one for you.

Once you create an account. Swoofee will create a unique QR payment code for your business.

Customers and scan this QR code with the camera on their smartphone and it will launch your business secure payments page. Customers can then choose what they want to pay for from a pre-filled dropdown menu.

On successful payment the customer will automatically be presented with a receipt that they can use as proof of purchase.

Prepay on your website:

You can use a pre-designed code to embed Swoofee on your website. This will allow customers to make payments using a payment page on your website.

There are many more payment options available when you use Swoofee and they are available to all customers. Click on the link below to learn more

Let Swoofee look after getting paid

There is a lot more

Sign up takes about 5 minutes. There is no waiting period so you can start taking payments immediately. There are no monthly fees, sign up fees or contract periods. We charge only per transaction. (See our pricing page). Taking Payments is as simple as ABC.