Transparent competitive rates

Transparent competitive rates

Swoofee connects with Stripe, who process the credit card payments. We charge one transaction fee which is inclusive of Stripe fees.

Our transparent commission rate is extremely competitive: Fees don’t vary on types of debit or credit cards, whether master card or visa. There is also no difference in fee for if customer present or not.

Fees are subject to IR VAT at 23% where applicable.

How much does it cost?

Transaction Charge

1.9% and 25c

No Sign Up Fee

No Monthly Fee

No Card Reader Required

No Contract Required

Your Customers don't require an App

We Love Not For Profits

If you are a School, a Charity or Sports Club, then you can collect payments & donations simply with Swoofee.

We offer a discounted rate of 1.4% plus 25c (or 25p).

Not only that, but the person making the payment doesn’t need to download yet another app. Cool, right?

We Love Not For Profits
Declan Twomey
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It's just so simple. Senator fitters and sales staff carry a Swoofee card so they can take on the spot payments. Using Swoofee has increased cash flow and reduced debtors by over 90 %. What more can I say? Declan Twomey - Senator Windows
Sunny Wieler
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I now send a payment request via text at the end of every week to all customers with outstanding payments. This is the best feature in Swoofee for me. I no longer have to spend my evenings driving back to customers to collect payments. Sunny Wieler - Dry Stone Wall
Dave Murphy
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Asking the customer to scan the QR code on the Swoofee card on-site makes it to simple for me to take deposits after giving a quote. It's problem-free as there is no messing with unreliable card readers. Dave Murphy - Senator Windows